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Ready product, as well as the process of its production-distribution conforms to the requirements of pre-processed receipts and technological maps pursuant to the local technical norms and standards.

Standards used by the Company, as well as original copies of internal documents verified by the management of the Company are kept at the quality service.

Specification of ready product conforms to the legal requirements, norms, GOSTs concerning products and is made by the management of the company.

Quality of ready products is periodically inspected at the laboratory of micro-biology of the company having international standards (having no analogue in Georgia). After this it passes inspection at modern accredited laboratory.

Management of Poultry Georgia Ltd processed, developed and maintains in order the policy in the field of quality and food safety (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”), which conforms to the objectives of the Company and is directed towards constant improvement of effectiveness of involved integrated system.

Policy of our Company complies with the governmental requirements in the field of the quality and safety of good products.

The philosophy and strategy of the Company stipulated in the Policy are acknowledged by the personnel of every level.

Company Policy is intended for satisfaction of the norms of international and local legislative norms, as well as consumer requirements, being the basement to setting objectives in the field of quality and safety of foods and analyzing existed systems.

In case of changing field of operation of quality management system, or internal or external conditions of the Company, supreme management will review the Policy on its conformity and actuality.

The Policy is introduced to every employee at the meetings, or using information boards, Email and other means.

Every employee takes part in implementation of the requirements of the policy.

Effectiveness of implementation of provisions given in the policy is provided during internal audit, system of quality management, and HACCP system analyzing.

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