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The Company purchases eggs for incubation of broiler birds in compliance with specific requirements:

Batch of incubation eggs brought to production shall be accompanied with the quality and safety documents, together with veterinary certificate.

Before placement to the incubator, egg is inspected by the veterinary of the Company.

Characteristics of incubation egg are:

  • weight – 60-68 g
  • age – not more than 6 days

Egg shall not be:

  • dirty,
  • deformed,
  • of round shape,
  • having unsmooth surface,
  • cracked,
  • increased in size or inclined with air chamber,
  • with sleek shell.

For washing-cleaning of shelves for boxes of chicken transportation and egg pallets we use Karcher devises and cleaning agent, and for disinfection we use formaldehyde and potassium permanganate. Egg is left in the incubation box for 18 days. On the 19th day it is transferred to the hatching box. On the 20th day humidity is increased up to 70%, and on the 21st day relative humidity is reduced to 55%. Chicken is hatched on the 21st day; it is dried and transferred to the broiling workshop in the clean boxes with papers underlain.

Egg and chicken are inspected with required periodicity by the veterinarian of the company. Shells and fallen chicken are taken out in covered polyethylene packages using respective transport.

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