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The most important factor of successful work of the Company is our staff. This is why main objective of the Management is:

- Selection of respective staff, in order to provide high level of qualification;

- Orientation and motivation of employees to achieve goals and objectives of the companies in the field of quality and safety of food products;

- Supporting awareness of employees in the issues of quality and food safety;

- Development of personnel and upgrading their qualification;

- Creation of advantageous working environment and corporative order in the team of employees.

Requirement of personnel is provided by the manager of structural unit on the basis of written application showing requirements on needed classification and certified by the CEO.

Job seeker fills application form showing required information. The Candidate is interviewed and tested.

After interviewing manager of structural unit and representative of the HR service takes decision about requirement of the employee for probationary period.

It is necessary to conduct minimal training on sanitary-hygiene and food safety issues to the persons, who are foreseen to work at such position, where he/she will have direct contact with the products. Newly recruited employee passes respective instructions and minimal sanitary training. During probationary period newly recruited employee is periodically examined by direct manager.

Application form of the pretender, who failed the interview, but still is interesting for the company, is maintained in the database for the purpose of its recalling in case, if the company announces new vacancy.

Basic precondition for selection of new employee is qualification requirement, given in the positional and standard working instructions.

During selection of new employee following factors are foreseen:

  • Level of qualification in compliance with the requirements proposed by the Company;
  • Experience and skills made from passed work of the jobseeker;
  • Respective approach towards the issues of quality and safety (at the respective position);
  • Health condition;
  • Readiness for continuous development and education;
  • Team working skills;
  • qualitative features (purposefulness);
  • Physical and psychical standing;
  • Self-motivation.
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