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Company Mission

Mission of Poultry Georgia Ltd is manufacturing and distribution of harmful chicken meet and egg products of high quality being trustful and having high image to the customers, taking into account requirements of legal regulations, and interests of consumers, employees and society.

Policy in the field of quality and food safety.

General goal of the Company is making mutually beneficial connections with consumers and partners.

Permanent improvement of the processes for the purpose of achieving this goal is main benefit of our company and separate employee in general.

Basic directions for achieving the mentioned are:

  • Making close connection with the consumers, in order to learn their demands and expectations properly.
  • Providing the consumers with maximal information about possibilities, advantages and facilities.
  • Permanent improvement of quality management and food safety system.
  • Subject to development of the activities of the company, permanent improvement of the processes.
  • To provide quality and safety of goods, complying with local and international laws at every stage of manufacturing and service processes.
  • To raise production quality, safety and level of service, running business purposefully, solving problems related with the quality and safety of goods on good time.
  • Provision of permanent study, as well as analyzing of possibilities manufactured products, achievement of set goals on good time.
  • Paying attention to reclamations of consumers and solving formed problems in the shortest period of time.
  • Forming high-qualified and motivated group, caring for their training and permanent rising of their professionalism.
  • Creation of working environment to the managers and ordinary workers, for the purpose of raising motivation.
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