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KODA – Choice of Georgian Consumers

Poultry Georgia Ltd (Koda) was established in 2002 on the base of JSC Tbilisi Breeding Reproduction and JSC “Koda”. At the beginning manufacturing of goods (cuisine egg and chicken meet) was provided with old devices and equipments of Russian production, technological age of which increased expenses significantly and reduced competitive abilities of Koda Products in compliance with respective imported goods. That is why Founders of the Company decided to provide staged re-equipment of production at the expense of reinvestment by using modern technologies. They involved into “Koda” Plant computer systems of modern climate-control to grow poultry as well as absolutely new recycling technologies. The Company purchased full equipment of Holland flaying house, which has no analogue in Transcaucasia. This is what let Koda return to the market with traditional chicken meat (including as fresh, so – frozen chicken, as well as their sub-products: leg quarter, wings, filet, gizzard, liver, soup set or separated parts). The company created exclusively own distribution program, which is synchronizes with accounting software “Oris” operating at Koda, forming unique statistic base for financial and marketing analyze.

Thi si local production, which manufactures products based on pure Georgian feedstock (Koda feeds its poultry only with natural food, without any chemical additives. These are corn, wheat, barley, sunflower and soya mixture. This receipt is given by German company breeding the poultry of this variety).

This is the production where hundreds of people are employed.

Koda products are distributed to the consumers on good time and with higher quality. This is supported by the fact that distribution cars are equipped with refrigerator devises.

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